Sly Stallone has proved there’s life in the old slugger yet – by reportedly breaking up a beef on the set of the new Rocky movie.

The seventh film in the boxing franchise is currently being shot in Pennsylvania and it sees Stallone’s character being tracked down by a young fighter who wants his help.

Two actors (not including Rocky himself) are said to have locked horns during a heated argument on set and Stallone apparently had to step in to break it up.

According to a representative from the studio, the incident never got physical, but TMZ have several other eye witnesses that say otherwise.

They also report that 68-year-old Stallone showed he’s still got what it takes after he tried to break up the argument  between British boxer Tony Bellew and another man.

Despite Rocky and a few others managing to calm the situation, police were apparently later called to the scene. We can’t wait to see the new movie – it’s called Creed. Here at Ginger Clam HQ we’re already running up and down flights of steps with boxing towels over our heads.

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