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Aereo gives up, makes way for

by Rufus Ashmount Chet Kinojia filed for bankruptcy making way for FilmOn Networks to revive its site, offering over 600 licensed channels for free

Kimmel CMA Hologram Wows Nashville, Hollywood then Picks Nose

by Tom Paul Jones Using Hologram USA's patented technology the NBC star managed to be in two places at once with country star Kacey Musgraves

DoubleVerify Sued For Libel And Malware Use Uncovered in Major Lawsuit

by Tom Paul Jones A suit filed by FilmOn Networks alleges unethical and fraudulent actions by the ad verification company, as well as the operation of a virus reported to the FBI

CBS, HBO cave, join FilmOn and Aereo in 21st century

by Tom Paul Jones As the majors finally start to get on the cord cutting bandwagon, he importance of a Supreme Court decision becomes even more obvious

Bone Thugs N Harmony homecoming concert: How to watch online

by Tom Paul Jones Can't make the epic hip hop show in Cleveland tonight? No problem. has you covered

FCC Moves to OK FilmOn, Aereo as Cable Providers

by Tom Paul Jones New support for an old argument would designate OVDs as MVPDs, ending the Network's attempts to thwart progress

Jude Law, Shocked by Congo Suffering Joins Akon for Peace One Day Concert

by Rufus Ashmount The concert was a massive hit and raised money via for the United Nations backed peace effort

Akon’s Peace One Day Concert Streaming Free on FilmOn’s ETV

by Rufus Ashmount The historic event--backed by Jude Law--promotes world peace from Congo and will run on the new platform created by Alki David

BET Hip Hop Awards’ behind the scenes parties are on

by O. Karpinsky Hip Hop Weekly and Alki David's FilmOn Networks partner to give viewers exclusive access

Battle Rap’s future on display in Cassidy vs. Dizaster meet up

by Tom Paul Jones The press conference for the Dec. 6 battle left no doubt Alki David's new venture will be hilarious, brutal, and historic
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