Holy smokin’ flaps, Batman, little Bieber has really gone and done it this time. Ginger Clam’s fave tiny dwarf pop star has had an international arrest warrant placed on his ass.

Bieber has previously peed off plenty of individuals, but to annoy a whole country takes a special kind of pop douche. Bonzai, we salute you.

A photographer was allegedly attacked by Justy’s bodyguards at a Buenos Aires nightclub in late 2013. Yesterday, the victim’s lawyer issued this stunning statement:

“His international arrest has been ordered.

“They think he is in Canada. He’s going to be arrested when he tries to cross the border.

“He either comes to Argentina or he can’t do another tour.”

For Argentina, it is a win-win situation – either the police get Bieber or the nation never has to be subjected to another Bieber concert. Surely every country should follow suit.

Little Bonzai could reportedly face a one month to six years’ jail if convicted of causing injuries. Yawn.

An arrest warrant was signed after little Bieby failed to attend a court summons over the alleged beating. He is probably just busy working out which country to annoy next.

The kick ass judge ordered two bodyguards to be arrested as well.

“I consider it pertinent to order the immediate arrest of suspects Justin Bieber, Hugo Alcides Herny and Terrence Reche Smalls so statements can be taken from them,” wrote the judge on the order. As he stretched out and listened to ‘Baby Baby’ while watching reruns of the Bieber Roast on Comedy Central.

Little JB has remained quiet about the situation so far. He probably thinks being a fugitive is dope ‘n’ cool ‘n’ schnizzle.

Ginger Clam supports you, sweetheart, come and hide in our shell.

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