Here’s an absolute cracker of a video revolving around a bride and groom’s big day.

For most women, their wedding is the most special time of their life – and this particular ceremony became very memorable after the groom decided to have a ring-bearer dressed as Gollum from The Lord of the Rings!

On the Australian version of a TV Show called Four Weddings, everything seems to be going ahead in a civil manner until the big moment arrives.

The groom then screams “Gollum” at some bushes – and out crawls a guy dressed in nothing but a cloth to cover his privates.

He proceeds to ask for the ring, to which Gollum replies: “No, must have the precious”.

‘Gollum’ then swaps the rings for a FISH that he starts slamming it against the ground before throws it around amid scenes of chaos. Possibly the worst wedding surprise ever? Judge for yourself.

Watch the absolutely hilarious video below. Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of free online TV channels that can access via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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