Robin Thicke is the gift that keeps on giving. Having sensationally split with his partner of a gazillion years for a model 18 years younger, it has now been revealed that the pop douche performed every media interview ‘high and drunk’ for a year. No wonder you seemed so much fun, Robin!

Ginger Clam thinks every celeb should be fully loaded before giving boring interviews, it would liven our screens up a bagful.

The latest revelations were made possible as part of the depositions taken ahead of Thicke’s plagiarism trial earlier this year.

When Thicke was asked by lawyer Richard Busch: ‘Were you drunk and on Vicodin when you did the Oprah show?’ the star replied: ‘Yes, with all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year.’


Being off your tits on Oprah makes us forgive Thicke for so many dreadful songs and stupid haircuts.

The testimony revealed some other juicy nuggets. When asked by Busch if he was an honest person, Thicke Shake answered: ‘No. When I give interviews, I tell whatever I want to say to help sell records.’

God bless you, Robin hairy chest.

The court case really did no favours for Thicke. The jury verdict awarded Marvin Gaye’s estate $7.3 million for the claim on the Blurred Lines song. This figure was later reduced by a judge to $5.4 million.

Thicke’s budget for booze and drugs might now be sadly reduced for the coming year, we dread to think how boring his new interviews will be.

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