Tiger Woods was quite literally looking toothless as he was spotted at an awards ceremony for his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.

The legendary golfer was wearing a snood in order to cover his mouth, but he was unable to conceal his smile for the duration, and when he revealed his pearly whites, one of his front teeth was missing.

According to New York Daily News, he had the tooth knocked out by an over-excited camera man who hit him in the face with his lens as he was turning, making Tiger look like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean.

He was in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, on a surprise visit for Lindsey who was competing in a World Cup alpine event. She was one win away from breaking Annemarie Moser-Proell’s 35-year-old record of 62 World Cup wins, and break it she did.

After being surprised by Woods’ appearance she said: “I didn’t think this could get any better than yesterday with my entire family here but now with Tiger here this is unbelievable.”

There has been no comment from Woods on when he will get his tooth fixed, but we’re assuming he will act quickly, as it really isn’t the best look!

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