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Today was the Centennial of William S. Burrough’s emergence into the ‘Interzone,’ and the beginning of his extraordinary 83-year odyssey. The decades would take him to Los Alamos, NM before the Manhattan Project; Nazi Germany in the build-up to WWII; Chicago as an exterminator; New York City as a junkie and early conspirator of Alan Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac; Louisiana to grow pot; Mexico to write, play William Tell, search for exotic and non-exotic drugs; and Tangiers, Morocco, to do the same albeit more cheaply before returning to New York.

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He continued writing and creating multimedia works and had an influence that is felt to this day. A new literary technique, the cut-up, was invented with Brion Gysin, and key books — among them Junky, Queer, Naked Lunch and The Soft Machine — were written and published amid much controversy (Naked Lunch remains the subject of the last major American obscenity trial in 1966). Burroughs influenced a wide range of artists (including musicians Steely Dan and Duran Duran, who made his book Wild Boys into a music video) and he even appeared in Hollywood films, including Twister (1989) with Harry Dean Stanton and Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy (also 1989).

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FilmOn’s VOD service has a great film for viewing, William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers (1991). Built around an interview with German television presenter Jürgen Ploog, which shows a smoothed-gravel side of Burroughs very rarely seen, the film also features a 1986 multi-media reading at ‘Filmkunst ‘66’ and excerpts from influential films and videos: Anthony Balch’s black & white ode to military masturbation Towers Open Fire, and The Cut-Ups (1966), including footage of Gysin’s ‘Dream Machine’; Decoder (1984), a German film featuring Burroughs as well as underground musicians Genesis P-Orridge and members of Einstürzende Neubauten; and Thanksgiving Prayer, Van Sant’s political riff with Bill Laswell musical backing that had been previously shown on Saturday Night Live among other places.

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