It’s a blooper that would have made Ron Burgundy proud. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might wanna check out the latest viral video that’s doing the rounds on social sites.

It shows every broadcaster’s worst nightmare: you’re in full flow when you accidentally say the c-word live on air.

You might expect that sort of toilet talk on some crappy TV network in a banana republic, but not on the BBC.

Oh no. Hearing a guy using that sort of language on the BBC feels as awkward as watching the The Queen of England take a dump or do a Nazi salute!

The blooper happened when breakfast TV host Bill Turnbull said the word c***s instead of clients – an easy mistake for any anchorman to make!

Watch the uncensored clip below (warning contains bad language that you might not wanna play on speakers in the office!).

Meanwhile if you love crazy shit then head to, the anti-social site where there are live stunts and thousands of great clips.

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