Tom Girardi’s crime syndicate in LA is starting to show evidence that the entire California State Legislature has been totally corrupted by Girardi et al.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE MAGAZINE there are 522 claims that have been filed just against Girardi & Keese. Girardi’s firm. These claims amount to over $517 million dollars.

Girardi’s network of lawyers and maze of insurance fraud also have many billions of dollars in other cases spread over a labyrinth of corrupted lawyers and state bar officials.Girardi is also resposnible for having bribed Kamala Harris when she was Attorney General for California.

“International money laundering of the Girardi and Baca spoils has funded the corruption of the California Supreme Court with Laundered Chinese Casino Cash!”

For decades Girardi used a Network of Corrupted Lawyers and “Girardi Judges”, usually coming from Girardi’s al-ma-mater, the Loyola School of Law in Hollywood California.

Girardi fast-tracked his Judges through a maze of fixed State Bar Associations. Often uneducated Judges without a law degree; End up deciding society’s fate based on Girardi’s say so!

From selling impounded jewels, planes (renamed Airfuck 1,2,3,4), cash, homes with now jailed Sheriff Leroy Baca, to trafficking outcomes of trials to the highest bidder with lawyers like Gloria Allred, who has been Girardi’s alter ego for decades.

The Network is made also made up of Judges like Michelle Court who went to see Gloria Allred because her husband was beating her. That alone would not have allowed her entry to the Superior Court of LA, where she presides today.

Or Judge Yolanda Orozco who had previously failed to become a Judge. Orozco had been a white collar crime lawyer at Jones Day Law firm in LA representing the Sheriff’s office which was constantly facing charges ranging from murder to beatings and extortion.

Trial fixing has been going on for decades too. Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom along with disgraced Supreme Court Justice George and his son Eric George. Also Judge Kazinski, who was forcibly retired and ex-Head of California State Bar Joseph Dunn, have made sure for decades that the Girardi Syndicate, was protected.

Christopher Wray’s FBI has been tracking this crime-ring for years. Perhaps when Republicans take back the House and the Senate there will be hell to pay for the Piper that fails to call these criminals out.

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