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BattleCammer and RealTalk host Priceless (username “pricelessone”) is a personal assistant and published writer IRL, if you will, who came to the site initially for comfort. It was over one year ago when she discovered BattleCam on TV in her home in SoCal. After a few months of casual watching, she decided to make an account as an escape from the death of her beloved cat.

“It was extremely helpful,” Priceless, 41, said. “It totally took my mind off it.”

The idea to host her own show came from fellow BattleCammer and show producer T0xic Avenger. “[Toxic] told me he wanted a co-host to put an interview show together about the OGs (original BattleCam users) and I kinda ran with that and made it into not only OGs, but also people who are somewhat new to the site.”

Real Talk focuses on honesty and openness. Priceless describes herself as very sincere, saying she’s not portraying a character on BattleCam. “The person you see on the Cam is the person you would meet in real life,” she says.

Priceless says she can’t emphasize enough that the content on her show is legit. It’s organized and structured, and she plans ahead to deliver full shows with exceptional content.

Thinking back on past episodes, two stick out in her mind. One edition featured Gracie, a transgendered BattleCam user who was born a man, but who has always felt she was meant to be a woman. On RealTalk, Priceless interviewed Gracie about these changes and her life, and declared the episode one of her “ultimate faves.”


Priceless also enjoyed interviewing fellow show host Joe Wisdom. “He’s the reason I decided to do a show on BattleCam because I love what he does so much. I like the fact that he’s just brutally honest and pays attention to the [online BattleCam] chatter [during his shows]. He’s witty, intelligent and has a quick response with people.”

RealTalk has been on for nearly a year and airs every Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m. PST/8EST. This Friday’s show features Cattitude, a “young lady who has been on the site since it first opened,” Priceless says.

Watch BattleCam (and participate!) live on FilmOn:

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