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Teen YouTube fashion sensation Bethany Mota has been quietly building a style empire from her bedroom for the last five years.

Mota began her career with what’s known as “haul videos,” clips she recorded at home detailing her latest shopping trip finds. She kept things simple, without stylists, fancy editing or anything else closely associated with the fashion world. She also was in full control of what went into her videos and has remained that way 6 million YouTube subscribers and a clothing line later.

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Tween clothing mecca Aeropostale reached out to Mota last year about collaborating on a fashion line. After realizing her full potential, the company started with an online section called “Bethany’s Faves,” before launching a full line in December, right before Christmas.

Bethany is the girl you would see in a mall and think, ‘That girl is probably really annoying, just like all the other teens running around this place,’ but then she’d say hello and be sweet as pie, and you’d think of yourself as a jerk for judging her on first appearance. Watch a few of her videos online and the quirky, nerdy girl-next-door persona takes over, except you get the feeling that that’s who she truly is, and while you’d love to hate such a bubbly kid, you find yourself wanting to be her friend because she’s so easy to relate to. Basically, even if you want to, it’s impossible not to like Bethany Mota.

The 18-year-old fashion-marketing savant has a surprising amount of control over what gets featured in her videos and what goes into her fashion line. “I have the freedom to pick the colors, the patterns and how I want to do it. They’re very open to my ideas. It’s not like, ‘This is what you’re going to do.’ It’s more of me telling them what I want,” she told Business Insider. With a cult internet following that also includes almost 3 million on Instagram and 1.4 million on Twitter, we’re not surprised Aero has so much faith in Mota’s business model.

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While it may have taken five years to get noticed, now that she’s partnered with the clothing store Mota seems to be on the fast track to stardom, on YouTube video at a time.

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