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In an exclusive video interview with FilmOn CEO Alki David at his Beverly Hills estate, Brandon Howard opens up about claims that his DNA matches that of the late Michael Jackson, making Howard, 31, the pop singer’s biological son with singer Miki Howard.

In the video, Howard continues to speak of Michael and the Jackson family with reverence, while stressing that he still is his own person and artist, saying, “I do not want to be like Michael Jackson. I want to be like me.”

He describes his situation as sensitive, and continues to broach the subject with a gentleness and respect. When asked when he first heard about the possibility that Jackson was his dad, he says he was told as a small child by a member of the family. When asked about challenging the estate for money, Howard continues to say he has no interest in any of that whatsoever.

This follows a press conference held at the FilmOn studios earlier this month where David, actor Corey Feldman, TV personality Johnny Fratto, cosmetic dentist Joseph Goodman and FilmOn producer David Nuzzy Naussbaum opened up a DNA test result confirming with 99 percent accuracy that Howard was Jackson’s son. Fratto claimed to have acquired Jackson’s DNA for David from a dental impression that Goodman had purchased at a public auction with the intent of making a replica of Jackson’s teeth. Feldman, a friends to both Howard and Jackson, was there to tout Howard’s talent and remind everyone that Howard never wanted the testing done and had no intention to seek any part of Jackson’s estate.

The accuracy of the results have been contested heavily by other news sites, though many have pointed out the uncanny similarity between Jackson and Howard, including Akon, who has worked with both musicians.

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