Dear President Trump

Prior to our meeting this week I would like to annotate the points of our discussions. As discussed with your Team I will be also bringing with me a highly qualified group of Lawyers and Whistleblowers with intimate knowledge of the white-collar Crime-wave that is tearing our beautiful State of California apart “The Supreme Court of California and State Bar of California has been grossly corrupted by the crime syndicate led by Tom Girardi and Congressman Adam Schiff and others.

In his campaign of corruption spanning some 50 years, Girardi corrupted the LA County Sheriff’s office by collaborating with former Sherrif Leroy Baca who has since served three years in a state pen on corruption charges. Baca was just released but is once again under FBI Investigation for his collaboration in reselling impounded drugs back to the Cartels.

At the heart of the scandal, which is now widely reported in the popular media, is a Network of Law Firms manipulated by Girardi and Schiff. By Bribing and corrupting Judges and Officials at The State Bar of California along with their now well-known henchmen Layton and Noonan and former head of State Bar, Joe Dunn and others. Additionally, Girardi is well known to have been Governor Gavin Newsom’s biggest financial contributor. Gavin Newsom is in fact a material witness in these matters.

Schiff and now disgraced former Sherrif Baca are at the heart of the wiretapping scandal. Once the wiretapping operation being run illegally at the Sherrif’s Dept was threatened, Schiff moved the criminal operation to University of California at Irvine where it still operates today wiretapping bugging and snooping on personal data and devices on behalf of Adam Schiff et al.

The approval of many completely unqualified and unlikely candidates such as Judge Michelle Court. She originally met Gloria Allred and Tom Girardi when Court went to Allred for legal advice over her husband “beating” her. Just for this alone Court would never have been considered for the Los Angeles Superior Court in the first place.

The State Bar of California, the Civil extension of the Supreme Court of California once led by disgraced former Chief Justice George is also embroiled in the Girardi, Schiff Scandal.

Supreme Court of California controls State Bar of California

Supreme Court Justices at the Center of this outrageous blight on our society.

Mariano Florentino Cuellar, Carol A. Corrigan, Godwin H. Liu, Leondra R. Kruger, Kathryn M. Werdegar, Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Ming W. Chin

The State Bar of California is directly responsible to the Supreme Court of California, however, its Trustees are now appointed by the Supreme Court, the California Legislature, and Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

The trafficking of rigged lawsuits within the California Supreme Courthouses included corrupt judicial process and distribution of illicit funds to Senator Harry Reid, Atty Gloria Allred, Atty Michael Avenatti, and former California Attorney General Kamala Harris who is currently serving as Vice President of the Biden Administration.

Gloria Allred is still today Tom Girardi’s alter ego in many illicit transactions. Allred a former Alumni of Loyola Law School in Hollywood CA, was recruited by Girardi there.

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Shortly before his tragic death on a motorcycle in 2020, Phillup Kay a well-known female and gay rights Attorney in San Francisco CA was able to finish a complex legal argument to criminally charge the State Bar of California for destroying Phil Kay’s career whilst trying to expose the injustice of the California Courts by Girardi, Schiff Allred et al..

Girardi along with Schiff and deceased Senator Harry Reid colluded to bribe and exploit the Supreme Court of California by videotaping and coercing members of the California Supreme Court and the State Bar at the now notorious YELLOWSTONE LODGE in Montana where Girardi and Schiff would use surveillance equipment and wiretapping to record and later bribe and expolit by video taping judges and State Officials et al at  drug-fuelled parties with Harry Reid’s and Girardi’s sex workers from Las Vegas.

Normally we appear top of News! And we will for a few hours; Unfortunately, black hat funded hacking by Congressman Adam Schiff ensures this post disappears from the top of News!

Please share: Surveillance of this site by Adam Schiff’s illegal wiretapping and tracking operation at UC Irvine threatens this site and this post from ranking.

I look forward to our meeting.

Yours Sincerely
Alkiviades David

For and on behalf of the Victims

And Concerned Citizens

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