When you’re at the the wheel a giant truck that’s equipped to carry in excess of 30 tonnes it takes a special sort of dingbat to forget to lower your delivery ramp.

We’ve seen some pretty shitty examples of poor driving here at Ginger Clam but this one tops the lot.

A video that’s currently doing the rounds on social media shows what happened when a dopey tipper truck driver went onto the highway with his 40ft-container locked in the vertical position.

Motorists tried to warn the trucker by sounding their horns but it was too late. The offending vehicle smashed into an overhead sign gantry, causing traffic chaos.

The resulting video is believed to have been filmed in either Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, depending on which report you read.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but we’re speculating that the truck driver must have later got his balls busted by his boss.

Watch and enjoy – and if you like crazy shit then head to BattleCam.com, the anti-social network where there are live stunts, great videos and guaranteed chaos.

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