You’re happily driving a bus for a living when a scumbag tries to steal a bag from one of your passengers.

So what do you do: look the other way or get medieval on the culprit’s ass with a baseball bat?

A shocking viral video shows what happened when a bus driver in Chile faced exactly that dilemma. He takes the law into his own hands and dishes out some tough justice by beating the would-be thief with a bat while he continues to drive the bus.

The clip has sparked a huge debate on social media platforms around the globe, with many commentators hailing the vigilante driver as a hero.

You can see the footage below courtesy of (where you can also view thousands of other great clips).

It begins with the culprit getting caught in a door after unsuccessfully trying to snatch a handbag from a woman passenger in the Chilean city of Concepcion.

As the man stands trapped the driver reigns down blows upon him, before eventually stopping in order to let cops lead him away.

“Give that bus driver a medal,” was the view of one commentator.

Another wrote: “I just love seeing his ass whooped.” But not everybody agrees, with some claiming the driver went over the top.

View the tape and judge for yourself. If you like watching live news and entertainment from around the world you might also like to check out – where there are hundreds of great channels to choose from.



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