We’re all probably partial to a sneaky bit of rubbernecking if we see a minor traffic crash – but these days social media seems to be turning car accidents into a major spectator sport.

The Car Crash Compilation channel has notched up 15 million plays on YouTube over the last year for it’s third montage of road smashes – and Road Rage in America’s May 2015 video offering has already hit 1. 3 million.

One of the best compilations (or worst depending on your point of view) is the lesser-known Absolute Worst Car Crashes and Car Accidents (Part 3) from Video Digest.

If you’re into sheer, high-octane, pant-shitting, real-life action then it’s a must see video – although Ginger Clam can’t but help feel slightly uneasy at the thought of watching so much real-life carnage all up close and personal.

Watch it below – but be warned the footage is not for the faint-hearted.

Meanwhile, if you like watching crazy shit then check out Battlecam.com – where there are live stunts, videos and fantastic pranks.

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