This awesome clip has got Ginger Clam salivating! Gold digging and fame digging are phenomena that have been around since the beginning of time… However, being one is something that people are far from willing to admit.

In order to prove that a girl was a fame digger, Cody Persin decided to take to the streets in a well thought out prank.

Cody starts off the clip by approaching a girl in his casual clothes, but the conversation ends when he asks for her number and she says she’s got a boyfriend…

Minutes later, he reappears in a blacked out SUV, surrounded by body guards. A number of bystanders have also been paid to act like fans as they surround him with cameras and posters that they want signed.

After a while the commotion grabs the girls attention and she slowly makes her way towards the crowd. She then asks for a photo where she tricks him into kissing her on the lips before she gives out her number.

Cody then breaks it to her that he was the guy form earlier, and slams her for forgetting about her boyfriend now that she thinks he’s famous.

That’ll teach her!

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of online TV channels.

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