Well this should cheer ole misery guts up, Ginger Clam’s fave droopy-faced rap douche, Kanye ‘I made these pants’ West, has graduated!

The famed ‘college dropout’ has finally got the recognition he craved, courtesy of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

In an emotional speech, the now ‘Dr Kanye West’ told fellow graduates:

“I am a pop artist. So my medium is public opinion and the world is my canvas…”

Let us pause for a moment while we turn our bulls**t detector on. He continued:

“‘I’m sorry” is something that you can use a lot. It gives you the opportunity to give your opinion, apologise for it, and give your opinion again. You should not be sorry for your opinions!”

You should be sorry when your opinions are coming from your a-hole, but, heck, Dr KW, we forgive you.

West used to make music, but not just hangs out with Kardashians and says silly stuff. Which actually brings the world much more joy than his music ever did.

Crazy balls continued:

“When I was giving a lecture at Oxford, I brought up this school because when I went on that mission to create in other spaces— apparel, film, performance—it would have been easier if I could have said that I had a degree at the Art Institute of Chicago.”

He said other stuff but Ginger Clam fell asleep and then went outside for a cigarette. Then accidentally got a taxi and went home.

However, if you’re a loser and want to hear the full speech then wrap your ears around this link and listen to every last amazing syllable.

It might make your tits fall off.

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