We’ve seen some crazy shit at the Ginger Clam but we never thought we’d witness a somersaulting T-Rex! Alright so it’s not a real dinosaur but it’s still pretty awesome!

Some loony from the UK has been filmed by Brentwood Photography, dressed in a T-Rex suit performing some acrobatic stunts known as ‘Parkour’… to be fair the results are pretty darn funny!

Although every Tom, Dick and Harry  fancies themselves as a Parkour star these days, this crazy dude could be setting a trend!

The footage, which has racked up millions of views so far, is absolutely ridiculous and that’s why everyone loves it so much.

Once again, dressing up and acting like a dick has made someone a viral star!

* Watch the hilarious video below and in the meantime go to FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from

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