The dust has settled and cleared and TVMix was there for it all. Weigh-ins, fights, and post-fight… Let’s start first with hip hop artist Weezy aka Lil Wayne.

After the sold out fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana, Maidana’s entourage was coming through the MGM Grand backstage cheering the Argentenian, when a water bottle was thrown hitting Lil Wayne.

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The five-foot-eight New Orleans rapper went crazy, looking to fight someone from Maidana’s entourage. Check it out here. You can see someone holding him back and both sides would separate, but good thinking on whoever was holding him back. This would have been one battle the sometimes studio “gangster” rapper probably would’ve been KO’d in. Literally.

Also, after a wild and controversial weekend surrounding the biggest star in boxing, a stampede broke out in the midst of it all and TVMix was there. As people were exiting the MGM Arena, multiple fights started breaking out, when a loud sound that was confused with gunfire broke out.

That’s when thousands of people started running, which created a stampede injuring dozens and blood everywhere on the ground.

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Here’s what happened: with the crowd pushed up against each other trying to exit, I was about 100 feet away from the exit, when the fights broke out, sending metal detectors crashing to the ground (not gunfire) and a sea of people started running away, creating a human domino effect.

(I had seen been in one of these before — in San Diego, California at a downtown Super Bowl festival, when a stampede broke out as well.)

It looked like the running of the bulls, and the last place you want to end up is on the ground — people die this way, big, small, young and old — so as the crowd was pushing towards me, computer in one hand, I pushed everyone away with the other, trying to get to the wall. With a wall behind you, you don’t have to worry about being pushed from the back and it allows you to concentrate on those in front and to your sides.

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After the melee concluded, the media room was closed down for 20 minutes until Las Vegas police and security restored order. Here’s a local Las Vegas news station talking about the incident.

The exiting system out of the arena is not just bad, it’s terrible. Maybe the MGM will come up with alternative ways to exit, instead of trying to get over 14,000 people to exit one way.

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