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Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan said Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. with MMA rules and when UFC President Dana White was asked if he agreed with Rogan’s assessment on ESPN, White said:

“She would definitely beat him. She’d beat him and hurt him bad.”

White would go on to say that Mayweather would easily win in boxing match, but what if they were to fight, say in an enclosed dark alley with no weapons involved? Who would win and what would happen?

When asked if he would do the fight, White chuckled and said it would make a zillion dollars and he would, but a commission would never sanction that. No need to find out what would really happen, because here are five reasons why Rousey would dominate the undefeated boxer.

5. Nowhere to run: Floyd’s best bet would be to run and find the fastest way outta Dodge. In a blocked off dark alley, the best thing he could do for self-preservation would be to run around, but eventually she would catch him; like a lioness stalking a gazelle and the end would be near after she sunk her two hands around him.

4. No one punch knockout power: Okay, if we were talking Ronda versus Mike Tyson, that’d be a totally different story, but we’re not. Floyd’s had one knockout since Barack Obama became President in 2008. ONE! Floyd’s known for his great defense — in my mind the best ever in boxing — as well as being a counter-puncher. None of that will matter, his defense or counterpunching with no rules in play. But, let’s say he does catch Ronda and knocks her down. If he decides to come in for the finish, Ronda would still have her wits about her, making it easier to grab him and taking both of his arms out of service within 90 seconds.

3. Boxers hate to be kicked: Professional boxers aren’t kickboxers, nor Muay Thai fighters — they stick strictly to their hands. One of the best heavyweight boxers in the world, Malik Scott, told me, “I don’t do that MMA ****. I don’t want to be kicked, grabbed none of that.” Boxers don’t prepare to defend against takedowns or leg kicks. If Floyd was in usual defensive position, Ronda would simply kick his lead leg rendering it useless with less than ten hard ones. That would soften Floyd up quickly, taking the fight out of him real fast.

2. Never underestimate a woman: Here’s another scenario — Floyd faces Ronda and immediately comes forward swinging like it’s Victor Ortiz in front of him. One big problem: instead of having a Latino welterweight with a mohawk right in front of him (that just head butted him), he has a 135 pound, blonde haired model looking woman facing him. As soon as Floyd came forward swinging, he’d find himself flying eight feet in the air from a Judo throw, finding himself on the cement, which would take the breath right out of him, leaving him open to any type of choke or submission by Ronda.

1. Too many weapons: It wouldn’t be fair. Yes, I know I said no weapons in the alley, but the truth is, Ronda is armed and dangerous. She just has too many tools in her arsenal and would probably be able to use just about any of them to defeat Floyd. From kicks to throws to submissions, the fight would end almost any way imaginable, with Rousey as the victor each time. Sure, boxing plays an enormous role in mixed martial arts, but that’s because fighters know everything else as well, making them well-rounded. With Mayweather having one major power tool, it’d be like him bringing a jackhammer to build a house, while Rousey would have an entire Mac Tools truck.

Will this fight ever happen? Nope, but if it did it’d be over fairly quickly to say the least and Floyd would take a lot of damage during the fight. If they fought 100 times, Floyd might win once. One of the best boxers of this era, he’d simply be outclassed and equivalent to a fish out of water. Nothing to be ashamed, that’s just what it is. He’s a boxer and Ronda’s, well, an Olympic medalist and hands down one of the best mixed martial artists in the world. Period. End of story.

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