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It’s finally time, once again boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd “Money” Mayweather is set to put his undefeated record on the line as he faces Argentina’s Marcos Maidana. Can Maidana pull off one of the biggest upsets in boxing history? Find out as we go round-by-round.

Round 1

Tony Weeks getting holding them back, bell, and here we go! Mayweather immediately comes forward and no punches exchanged first 30 seconds. The two feeling each other out, with Floyd his usual defensive self. A few flurries by Floyd and Maidana and they tie up. Weeks, separates them and Maidana catches Floyd with some overhand rights. Crowd going wild. Floyd against the ropes, more overhand rights by Maidana! Fans yelling “Ole, ole, ole, ole, Chino, Chino!” Floyd finally gets off the ropes!

Round 2 and they’re off swinging again! Floyd catches Maidana and Maidana goes back. Moments later Maidana puts Floyd back! Now “El Chino” has Floyd on the ropes again! Floyd throws uppercut and Maidana goes back. The two separate and go to the center of the ring. Fans start chanting for Maidana again. Round over!

Round 3
Floyd comes out and meets Maidana near his corner. Maidana pushes forward and pushes Floyd back. Maidana throws flurries and gets Floyd on ropes. The two go to the center again and Maidana throws overhand right. Weeks stops the action and warns Maidana about blows to the back of the head. Maidana puts Floyd against the ropes again and throws left and right hooks. Floyd comes back with some offense throwing jab followed by straight right. Maidana comes back now and gets Floyd on the ropes, Floyd gets out, round over!

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Round 4
The two start swinging from the get go. Maidana using jab and follows with overhand right. They tie up, Weeks warning Maidana about punches to the back of the head and Floyd uses his left forearm to Maidanas’s face to get him off. Some good flurries and Maidana rushes Mayweather like a bull. Floyd comes with some offense of his own and Maidana just keeps coming and ties Floyd against the ropes!

Round 5
The two don’t wait for the bell and when the bell sounds instantly meet. Maidana starts working his jab and connects. Floyd shoots out his jab and catches Maidana. The two tie up and Floyd uses his forearm to hold him off. Weeks separates them and Maidana comes in with heavy punches. A slight knee thrown by “El Chino” is missed by the ref! More Maidana as he closes the round with Floyd on the ropes.

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Round 7
And we’re off. Maidana comes in towards Floyd and Floyd backs away. More Maidana and now Floyd comes forward! He catches Maidana with a few combinations. and Maidana goes back. Floyd the aggressor and puts Maidana back and slows him down. Some jabs and now Maidana comes forward. Chants of “USA, USA, USA,” coming from the crowd. Maidana presses forward and round ends.

Round 8
Floyd rushes Maidana, and ties him up as round opens. Weeks separates them and Maidana comes forward pushing Floyd on the ropes! Weeks separates them and Maidana comes forward with heavy leather to Floyd’s body and and head. They tie up again, and Weeks separates them with a slight low blow by Maidana. The two jaw at each other and Floyd uses some of his own offense. Maidana goes back to his jab and Floyd comes forward. Floyd throws a combination that misses and Maidana catches Floyd with heavy right!

Round 9
Back to the action and jabs and light combinations traded between the two. Good stiff jab by Floyd catches Maidana and backs him up. Light chants of “USA, USA” ring out and Maidana pushes forward with action. Maidana seems to be getting better of Floyd during exchanges. Floyd comes back with some action of his own. Nice body shot by Floyd catches “El Chino.” Maidana fights back, end of round.

Round 10
Maidana pushes toward Floyd and Floyd goes back. Some mild exchanges until Floyd catches Maidana with left and right combinations. Maidana beckons for Floyd to come forward and gets roar from crowd. More combinations and now Maidana catches Floyd flush and puts him back. More offense from Maidana and Floyd tries to answer back! End of round.

Round 11
Early on Floyd misses with his punches and Maidana presses forward with his signature right and left hooks. The two tie up several times and Floyd goes back and tries to counterpunch. Maidana pushes Floyd against the ropes and takes Floyd down! They swing after the bell! Wow!

Round 12
Everyone stands up! The crowd chants “USA, USA, USA.” The two meet and catch each other with combinations and they separate. Maidana throws a right that lands flush and Mayweather returns the favor! No one is sitting and the two men are putting on a show. Both are eager to swing and exchange. Chants now for Maidana. Floyd ties Maidana up and they are separated. More actions from Maidana, fight ends!


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