Scott Dysick has had lots of fun ideas. He decided to become a Lord. He decided to torment the Kardashian clan. He decided to stop wearing socks.

Now, Ginger Clam is bemused to report that he’s dating an 18-year-old. This makes the socks decision seem like genius, Scotty boy.

While Dysick’s tormented ex Kourtney stays at home to look after the kids, the Lord has been snapped frolicking on Miami beach with teeny weeny Lindsay Vrckovnic.

The snaps come after the couple were seen at a bar in NY’s East Village together the day before. Sightings of the cosy couple have also been reported at 10Ak nightclub and Soho House in the Big Apple.

The timing of the latest romance is interesting, preview footage for Keeping Up With The Kardashians has just been released showing Kourtney in hysterics as she hears about Scott’s ding dong with another young hottie, Chloe Bartoli.

Vrckovik, while not playing with her dolls or learning to read, is reportedly a model. The Canadian blonde also attends New York City’s Parsons School of Design. Don’t they grow up so quickly?

A teary Kourtney said on camera:

“I worked so hard to keep this family together”. To which her momma Kris responded: “Piece of s**t.”

Now the crucial question is on everyone’s lips. Will Scott start wearing socks again?

His girlfriend is too young to go boozing in bars with him so maybe they’ll stay on the beach and the Lord’s feet can stay free.

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