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The Grand Theft Auto franchise prides itself on realism, and in the latest installment, GTA V, we saw this take the form of thinly veiled and extremely poorly written satire. At this point, only publisher Rockstar’s executives and accountants were laughing anymore. We doubt they’ll be laughing for long, though, now that there’s a mob hit out on their finances.

One of the “stars” of VH1’s reality TV program Mob Wives, Karen Gravano (who should thank the mafioso lifestyle of her father Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano for everything she has), has filed a $40 million lawsuit in a desperate stab for cash and attention. This sad, desperate, grope for oxygen, filed in New York Supreme Court alleges that Rockstar Games has stolen her name, image and likeness.

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“Her story is unique and is hers to tell,” says the lawsuit. Fortunately for Rockstar, none of those claims is close to legitimate. Just as you’d expect from a company with an empire to protect and a legal team dedicated to guard the stacks. In GTA V, a very minor character by the name of Antonia Bottino is the daughter of a mafia heavy named Sammy Bottino, and that completely lazy swapping of names should give Rockstar enough cover and protection.

The character’s story involves her family fleeing the East Coast for the West, as Sammy Bottino is about to snitch on the family. We meet Antonia Bottino as she’s been kidnapped and buried alive at the dirt bike track out in Paleto Bay, which the player unfortunately is required to disrupt.

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Ms. Gravano, as lazy as the GTA V writers, is lazier than Lindsay Lohan to fake hysteria over this game. TMZ reported that LiLo called up the lawyers back in December to see if either the game’s cover model, or a troubled Hollywood sexpot starlet in the game, bared close enough resemblance to her to warrant legal action.

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