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A press conference last month where FilmOn CEO Alki David presented DNA results confirming musician B Howard as the biological son of the late Michael Jackson in the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills has led to considerable debate as to the legitimacy and accuracy of the results. (Read our complete coverage of the press conference here. What we do know is that Howard is the son of singer Miki Howard, whose career was managed by Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. Howard’s nickname was also “Bille,” as in “Billie Jean.”

Howard’s DNA was supplied voluntarily by Howard during the filming of a documentary while Jackson’s DNA was collected by mob son Johnny Fratto at David’s request. Fratto tracked down Dr. Joseph Goodman, who had purchased an impression of Jackson’s teeth in a public auction with the intention of making a duplicate of Jackson’s teeth. David reported that he had sent the DNA samples to two different labs – one in Ireland and one in Utah – and had the results delivered to the press conference in a sealed envelope.

Howard has maintained that regardless of the results, he wants to continue forging his own musical legacy and has no interest in pursuing any portion of the Jackson estate, sentiments he presented both in a video on his own Facebook page and in an interview with David in David’s home. Howard’s friend, TV personality Corey Feldman – who was present at the press conference and was also a friend of Jackson’s – has also reiterated this statement several times, both at the press conference and over social media.

Today, at Dr. Goodman’s office, David conducted another, deeper swab of the impression. Today is also B Howard’s birthday. Inside Edition joined us on the scene. David, who is a father himself, believes getting to the bottom of this mystery is important to music history on the whole.

The impression dates 30 years back from the “Moonraker” era and was procured by Goodman via Julian’s. With David, Goodman drilled into the impression and produced 9 swabs. The sealed swabs and Howard’s DNA were all placed into an envelope–with Inside Edition producers still present– and are being mailed to the Identigene in Salt Lake City, Utah at press time. Both David and Goodman are confident that these deeper swabs, with the individual case number, should produce absolutely conclusive results.

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