The Trinidadian Reggae legend Marlon Asher released a new version of his marijuana anthem “Ganja Farmer” last month with enhanced sound and a key lyric change: Half way through the song he gives Swissx a shout out.

“That was a very nice surprise,” said Alki David, CEO of Swissx from Gstaad, Switzerland where the health & wellness company was founded. “We’ve been working together for awhile but he didn’t tell me he was doing that. Such an iconic song–I’m truly honored.”

Asher performed at Alki’s Icons of American Music PPV show on FilmOn TV from Swissx Island alongside hip-hop’s Dana Dane and Onyx in September.

What Marlon and Alki have been working on is huge: Marlon is Swissx’s Trinidad & Tobago ambassador, lining up cooperative farming communities like Swissx is running successfully already in Antigua, Puerto Rico and near it’s U.S. headquarters in Malibu, California. Swissx will provide participating farmers with its proprietary seed, teach the farmers and even arrange microloans for equipment and additional land purchases. The project provides the community with a sustainable, profitable crop that will raise the fortunes of the entire nation.

More immediately, Asher and Alki have collaborated on a Swissx product box branded “Ganga Farmer,” carefully calibrated for perfect Caribbean inspired vibes.

Check out this box and other special subscription offers at

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