The U.S. military conducted a raid on the Venice, California mansion of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, Real Raw News is reporting. Authorities searched the lawyer’s home, which he reportedly leases from Sweetgreen Co-founder Johnathon Neman. The Office of Military Commissions reportedly stated that Special Forces stormed Biden’s lavish estate within minutes of his apprehension at Dulles. However, upon entering Biden’s residence, Special Forces met resistance from two Secret Service agents who had been assigned to guard the property. The Secret Service, like the intelligence agencies and rogue military commanders, resisted Special Forces’ efforts, as the federal law enforcement agency, which is charged with protecting U.S. political leaders and their families, is siding with Biden. The Secret Service agents drew their weapons in an unsuccessful attempt to stop Special Forces. Neither Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, nor his children were home during the raid. Once they entered the mansion, Special Forces seized six laptops, two desktop computers and five cellular phones. They also found a disguise kit, which the president’s son had apparently used to change his appearance, and seven passports in seven different names. Special Forces also found and confiscated 400 grams of crystal meth and 150 Ecstasy tablet, as well as a shoebox of drug paraphernalia, in a closet. According to reports, Biden is currently in custody in a holding facility in an undisclosed location.
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