Soccer referees are often known for being dull and boring. Not this dude.

Introducing Jorge José Emiliano dos Santos, the craziest referee ever seen. This Brazilian match official passed away in the 90s but his memory has recently been given a new lease of life on video sharing sites.

Footage of the late, great Jorge Jose provides more entertainment than most football teams across the globe, thanks to his flamboyant mannerisms.

His unique running style and hilarious way of handing out cards has made him an internet sensation, and once you’ve seen it, you wonder how you have not stumbled upon it earlier. Jorge died in 1995, but his brilliant enthusiasm on the pitch has secured his legacy and made sure that he will never be forgotten.

RIP dos Santos, you lunatic.

Watch the man in action below, and for more clips check out You might also like to go to – where there are hundreds of great free live TV channels to choose from.

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