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Comic books, social issues and the Internet all have on thing in common: an online course titled appropriately, “Social issues Through Comic Books.”

The course is free and available through, the same platform that offered “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons From AMC’s The Walking Dead.” Ball state professor Christina Blanche put the course together after she worked with Canvas once before and decided to do a course of her own.

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Blanche was interested in both comic books and social issues and loved the way she could teach one by using the other. Comic books that most students become interested in serve as equalizers and provide a platform for more open discussion that doesn’t always happen in classrooms, Blanche said. She’s found huge success through using comic books despite the stigma that they’re meant for nerds or little kids.

Social Issues Through Comic Books stretches out over the course of six months, but don’t be scared — that doesn’t mean there’s a ton of work. Blanche wanted to make sure students have plenty of time to read the books so she assigned one module per month. The comic books come at a price, but Blanche worked with different sources to provide some of them at a discounted cost.

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The course will also feature guest commentary from some well-known comic book authors like Mark Waid, Denny O’Neil and Scott Synder, who worked on Captain America, Batman: Venom and Superman, respectively.

The course begins March 10 and concludes on Aug. 18. Registration is open at, and TV Mix will be enrolled right along side the students, skimming through the reading and cheating on tests…

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