Exciting times over at Antigua’s Government House and Parliament, renowned Billionaire Alki David, accompanied by his loyal genetically cloned Doberman Vader, embarked on a remarkable journey to Antigua and Barbuda visiting the Government House and the Parliament. During their visit, they left a lasting impression on government officials, sparking admiration for both Mr David and Vader.

The billionaire’s charismatic charm and passion for environmental conservation has always captivated everyone, leaving everyone inspired and hopeful for the future.

Attorney General Leroy Benjamin holding Vader’s head (right)

Alki David serves as an ambassador at large for the magnificent island nation of Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda. His mission is to set up a colossal economic tax-free zone that doubles as a geotropic nature-based asset in the emerging Green Economy, a vision spearheaded by the visionary leader Gaston Browne.

This visit was far more special as Mr David was accompanied by Vader, his loyal and beloved genetically cloned Doberman and the embodiment of excellence from the esteemed Swissx Genetics Lab, renowned worldwide and situated in Antigua. All eyes were immediately drawn, and mouths fell agape, captivated by Vader’s dignified gait and impeccable demeanour, even when encountering the esteemed Attorney General!

As per sources, the cabinet members, among them Charles “Max” Fernandez, were deeply moved by Vader’s enchanting charm and graceful presence, prompting an urgent call for a thorough re- evaluation of the government’s animal rights policies. Engrossed in meaningful deliberations, they engaged in discussions focused on safeguarding the rights of animals and bolstering measures to prevent cruelty towards them. It became a pivotal moment of introspection, emphasizing the significance of extending to our furry companions the same affection and reverence we bestow upon our fellow human beings.

According to insiders, this exclusive locale will serve as a magnet for prospective investors eager to contribute to the Island Nation’s Sovereign Wealth Fund. The Farmers Antigua Trust Company (fondly referred to as FAT), founded in 2019 when. Ambassador David initially launched the Seeds for Swissx Harvest Hemp Exchange program in Puerto Rico and St. Kitts, will also play a vital part in the government’s ambitious goals.

As Mr. David and Vader proceeded with their tour, the halls of Parliament resonated with cheerful chatter and lively conversations about the budding Carbon Credit-based Green Economy projects. The dynamic duo, accompanied by Gaston Browne and other distinguished government officials, exchanged ideas and perspectives, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for a sustainable and prosperous future. Their charisma and enthusiasm were infectious, inspiring all those present to join forces and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

As the world eagerly watches, the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda can take comfort in knowing that their leaders are committed not only to economic progress but also to the welfare of their four-legged companions. This visit from Mr. David and Vader has sparked a wave of transformation, we must never overlook the significance of empathy, benevolence, and the wagging tails that bring delight to our lives. Guided by the visionary spirit of Mr. David, accompanied by the magnetic presence of Vader, a new chapter unfolds, like a radiant sunrise illuminating the path to a brighter future for Antigua and the encompassing Caribbean Nations. A billionaire and his genetically cloned Doberman have become the catalysts for a revolution advocating animal rights and propelling the Green Economy towards a flourishing horizon, a bright future ahead. 

By A K

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