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As those of us desperate to cling fantasy football  join playoff leagues vie for position, let’s acknowledge the players who had stellar regular seasons. And those who had the worst.

Best Waiver Wire Add: Tie Nick Foles 251pts / Zac Stacy 150 pts

This was too close to call. While Foles took the reins from an injured Mike Vick and took the Chip Kelly offense to the playoffs piling up insane passing numbers, Stacy took the other route, keeping a previously floundering Rams team competitive with his bruising style. While Stacy gets extra points due to how scarce solid running back production was, Foles keeps pace with his multiple monster games and refusal to turn the ball over, and both of these players will be taken off draft boards early next year after being handcuffs at best this season.

Rookie Stud of the Year: Eddie Lacy 198pts

When Aaron Rodgers went down and the Green Bay Packers began their QB carousel, there were a lot of questions about the fate of the team. The one constant over that time was the rookie bulldozer from Alabama. Eddie Lacy wrested this award away from Keenan Allen, who disproved that it takes Rookie WRs 2-3 years to adjust to the league, through sheer force of will, besting injuries, stacked boxes and a lack of any other reliable offensive weapons. Lacy has given the Lambeau faithful something to be happy about for quite a while to come.

MVP: Jamaal Charles 295pts

Where in real life the regular season and post season awards are split, we don’t have to follow that convention. Simply put, if you started Jamaal Charles in the seminfinals of a 16 week league or a two week playoff, chances are you won. While there have been roughly four performances that outdid Charles explosion, extra points go to the Kansas City speedster for when he chose to break the matrix. The regular season matters, but due to his consistent performance there and his subsequent demolition of your opponent’s playoff hopes Charles edges out Manning and Mccoy here.

Least Valuable Player: Eli Manning 162 pts

For all the reasons listed above and also add to the fact that he degraded the value of everyone around him in the Giants once potent offense. The main problem with him was that he kept having tempting matchups, stayed off the injury report, and in general kept you hoping that he would turn it around in time to save your season.

Worst Waiver Wire Add: Kirk Cousins 30pts

When RGIII was shut down, Kirk Cousins filled in admirably against Atlanta and piled up 21 pts on 381 yards and 3tds then proceeded to score nine more points in two games. Particularly bad, however, was that this occurred when you needed it most, during the fantasy playoffs when a lot of marquee quarterbacks were hurt or facing bad matchups. Cousins turned out to be fool’s gold and probably cost more than a few people their title chances with his tantalizing start and subpar finish.

Rookie Dud of the Year: Montee Ball 80 pts

This may seem harsh, but with close competition from Tavon Austin, the most disappointing rookie of this class was Montee Ball. After being drafted fairly highly, Ball was unable to stay on the field. Based on his potential as a goal line dynamo in what promised to be and ended up as one of the highest scoring offenses in history, it seemed a lock that Bell would at least plow forward for double digit touchdowns, instead fumbles and pass protection failures set him firmly behind Knowshon Moreno in the Denver RB pecking order.

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