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Those that are familiar with the entertainment industry, know that many celebrities try their hands in different fields. For instance: singers/rappers want to be actors, actors want to be in the music industry, everyone thinks they’re an athlete, and every athlete thinks they can be an entertainer.

It’s true, but very few have been able to crossover.

Then you have some in the entertainment industry that call out a very special breed of athlete — fighters. Never a good thing to do, because it just won’t end good for one person…

Here are four rappers and one Bieber that called out fighters.

5. Nelly vs Floyd Mayweather | “Money” Mayweather kicked former fiancee Shantel Jackson to the curb and what does Nelly do? Swoop in on Floyd’s ex, which created an exchange of words through the media. Floyd referred to the St. Louis rapper as a “friend,” but Nelly said this was “a total shock considering we have never exchanged numbers.” Floyd fired back, saying he was told Nelly was on “steroids” and “broke.” In the end, Nelly wished Mayweather the best and said “keep on making history champ.” Words aside, don’t think Nelly wants any part of Floyd mano-a-mano.

4. Lil Wayne vs Robert Garcia | Following Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Marcos Maidana, Mr. Weezy F. Baby had to be held back after he was hit by a water bottle as Maidana’s entourage was coming through backstage. Lil Wayne, not knowing who threw it, decided to challenge Maidana’s trainer Robert Garcia, who is the former IBF Super Featherweight Champion. An unknown person held the New Orleans rapper back — but for his own good. Studio gangster versus former pro-boxer wouldn’t have done well for Weezy’s record sales. Can’t talk about taking people out when getting knocked out cold.

3. Rick Ross vs Floyd Mayweather | In this beef, Rick Ross started taking jabs at Floyd after 50 Cent took Ross’ baby mama to Mayweather’s house in 2009. Ricky Rozay started calling Floyd “sweet” and “a girl,” adding that Mayweather was broke. Floyd fired back, saying “If I need the police I’ll call Rick Ross,” referring to Ross’ time as a correctional officer in Florida. The two had a brief encounter in 2010, where Puff Daddy had to play peacemaker, and in this video, the two run into each other with minimal security. (Looked like the Miami rapper didn’t want to conversate too much with the undefeated welterweight champ.) Eventually they would squash their beef when 50 Cent and Floyd parted ways, with Ross by Mayweather’s side in his last fight.

2. The Game vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson | Compton gangster rapper The Game, took it to heart when former UFC and Pride light heavyweight champion “Rampage” Jackson booked the role of B.A. Baracus in The A-Team. After the movie premiere, Rampage went on to lose a decision to former UFC light heavy-weight champion Rashad Evans, and The Game said “I felt like I was winning when Rashad won.” He also called Rampage a “wrestler” and “I would of made a better B.A. Baracus.” Rampage then offered the ultimate challenge: a battle in acting, rapping, then sparring in the cage. The Game wouldn’t respond after that.

1. Justin Bieber vs Diaz Brothers | The Biebs can’t catch a break these days. First, the U.S. immigration wants to talk to him about his mishaps with the law and his neighbors, then he was recently booed at a Los Angeles Clippers playoff game, Seth Rogen then curses him out in the media, and now he allegedly calls out Nick and Nate Diaz, two of the best UFC fighters in the world, saying he has better boxing than them? I guess the Canadian pop star is waiting to see how long it’ll take for: A. Get deported. B. Go to jail. C. Get beat up. I don’t wish none of the three on anyone, but what if all three happened at once… Now that would be something.

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