Fresh seafood is high on many people’s list when it comes to favourite dishes, but the majority probably wouldn’t want the catch of the day to start moving around on their plate.

In a quite absurd video from a restaurant, we see a serving of squid ready to be eaten. It may however be lacking a bit of seasoning, so the natural thing to do when consuming Eastern cuisine is to add a bit of soy sauce.

But the shocking thing that happens once the sauce is added is that the squid starts dancing around, making natural movements just as if it was alive!

Ginger Clam reckons the dish should come with a warning sign,  because most people would get a heart attack if they witnessed the creature breakdancing like that.

A few people have reacted in disgust thinking that it must be animal cruelty, but we can assure you that with the brain removed, there is no way for the squid to feel any pain.

Have a look at the dancing corpse below. Meanwhile go to, where there are hundreds of free TV channels.

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