Chris ‘girls are scared of me’ Brown has pretty much concentrated on being a douchebag in recent years, but Ginger Clam is delighted to report that he appears to be turning over a new leaf.

The singing criminal is giving up chasing girls to focus on the number one lady in his life – his daughter, Royalty.

The sacrifice appears to have cost the star his relationship with longtime partner Karrueche Tran. Brown is now putting all his efforts into making sure that Royalty gets the start in life that she deserves.

Long-suffering Tran only found out about the existence of Brown’s daughter in recent weeks, she is now trying to move on with her life while Brown seems to be planning a future that includes the child’s mother, Nia Guzman-Amey.

A source revealed to Hollywood Life that real change is happening.

“He’s adamant that they raise Royalty together. It’s very important to him that he and her have a near perfect relationship,” said the source. “Because he wants his daughter to be raised properly — with he and Nia.”

Friends hope that fatherhood will help to make Brown settle down, or at least a tiny bit less of a ballbag.

The troubled singer is reportedly working out custody and support details with Guzman-Amey and is open to all possibilities.

Meanwhile, Brown’s probation for beating the crap out of Rihanna has come to an end. Let us hope that from this point forward that he can turn his life around.

Just please don’t become as boring as your music, Christopher. That would be a crime that would be a lot harder to forgive.


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