Crazy dude Greg Roe has been filmed doing a series of breath-taking stunts in mid air as he plunges to earth from the top of a crane – the equivalent height of a 25th floor!

Adrenaline junkie Greg is a freestyle jumper with a difference – he’s also a trained gymnast and a top trampoline ace.

It makes him the perfect candidate to perform an amazing series of twists and turns in a viral video – which shows him falling from the crane into an airbag on the ground at Innsbruck in Austria.

Just check out how small the airbag looks from the top of the crane (here at Ginger Clam HQ we’re still s***ing our pants just from watching).

Our favorite part is where he launches upside down after telling the camera: “We’re gonna do the ultimate handstand of death.”

Watch below and enjoy. Meanwhile, if you like extreme sports then go to, where there are hundreds of free TV channels, including X-Treme Sports.

Greg, we salute you!

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