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YouTube sensation, Jenna Marbles, released another video providing us with better names for things that already exist with “Better Names for Body Parts.”

Previously, Marbles has done “Better Names for Animals” and “Better Names for Food.” This time around though, she has renamed everything from eyeballs, to hands, to inner organs and we’re not exactly sure how we feel about that last one, but it’s Jenna’s Internet and we’re just along for the ride.

Next time you’re looking for a synonym for eyes, keep in mind Marbles’ newly coined term “brain binoculars,” and since we need to keep things specific, eyelids need their own name, too, and “nap helpers” seems to be a pretty accurate term. Instead of a nose, she suggest a “sniff kibitz,” “because it’s always up in everybody’s business.”

Although it sounds semi-terrifying to those who don’t want kids, Marbles renamed the uterus as the “baby palace,” which, despite not being its primary function, the purpose of creating babies is what everyone seems to focus on when talking about a woman’s reproductive organs.

In an almost sexist twist, Marbles renamed girl’s hands “sandwich makers,” but not to comply with a double standard, she made sure to rename guy hands “your girlfriend.” See what she did there?

We’re going to go ahead and say that was well played, Jenna.

So the next time you’re looking for a synonym for a body part, just ask Jenna Marbles, she’s working on a whole new thesaurus, one YouTube video at a time.

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