Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles has taught us how to tell our friends they’re dumb without saying a word.

In her newest video, Marbles teaches her viewers how to effectively use the slow blink. The slow blink is implemented when someone says something so incredibly stupid you not only don’t have a response but you felt your IQ dropping as they were speaking.

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“When you’re talking to someone and whatever they just said was so dumb or you couldn’t even really form a response, you just blink very slowly at them to convey how dumb what they just said was,” Marbles’ cohort, Julien Solomita, explains.

He continues, “It’s like how you laugh at funny jokes you just slow blink at not funny jokes.”

Got it.

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Marbles made note of the fact that this is one of the most insulting ways to respond to someone, and that’s why she decided to show us how to insult the people we care (or don’t) care about.

Insulting or not, we’ve done it and we’ve got to admit, the slow blink is pretty effective.

Marbles and Julian showed numerous examples of the slow blink, from the original to the slow blink in the dark, slow blink with sunglasses, slow blink with two pairs of sunglasses and the minor variations of the slow look and the slow look away.

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All of these would be insulting to do to someone you don’t know very well but, if they’re saying something stupid they deserve it, and if they’re your friend then the slow blink becomes funny which makes it okay.

Also when done with friends, as Marbles tells us, the slow blink can turn into many an inside joke, or as she described, “a game of fuckery.”

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She ends the video by telling her viewers to “live life (with) zero fucks,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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