Kim Kardashian has many exceptional talents: she can make sex tapes, takes selfies and tolerate living with Kanye West. Amazeyballs. Now it turns out that KK might have another skill up her sleeve – she can press play on a record player.

Partygoers at the Hakkasan club in Las Vegas got a shock last night when the sexy momma hit the DJ booth. The reality star joined DJ Ruckus and Shanina Shaik to get people dancing in the mega venue.

KK took to the mic and said some words that we now forget. They were probably hilarious and hugely compelling.

Kim’s musical ventures so far have mainly involved shagging pop stars, but we quite like the sound of DJ Kim K. Since the launch of her Ray-J naughty video, BJ Kim K is a nickname we are more familiar with.

The party event at Hakkasan was to celebrate the venue’s third anniversary.

Kim hit the red carpet before the party started and showed off an impressive new figure. Last month the star took to her website to announce that she had shed 42lbs since the birth of her mini-Kanye.

Ginger Clam is excited to hear if KK will announce any more DJ booth interventions – if her record picking skills are half as good as her breast growing skills then we’re bound to hear great hits via great tits.

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