Oh boy, put down your food if you’re eating, Ginger Clam has some terrifying news… the new nude Kardashian vid is truly prehistoric!

It is being reported that Kris ‘saggy’ Jenner is the latest in the family to have had her bits captured on camera. Yikes.

Sources tied to the Kardashian reality show have told TMZ that Kris is being extorted over surveillance footage showing her naked.

During filming for the latest episode, Kris reportedly tells her family that her iCloud account has been hacked into and that the recording may be released.

If surveillance footage has picked up Kris naked then we want to know what the hackers found on Brucey. Parading up and down in Kim’s leather mini skirt and red lipstick? Let us see the goodies!

Leaked footage of Brucey’s pussy would probably make millions of bucks and bring down the fall of civilisation as we know it.

TMZ claims that it was told by sources: ‘Kris called the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. and filed a criminal complaint that someone was harassing her and hacking into her iCloud, one of the items she claimed was stolen was the surveillance video.’

A new sequel to Jurrasic Park? Not very exciting. But at least we’ll get to see some wrinkly fun.

Watch this space!!

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