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2012 was the last time Manny Pacquiao was in the ring in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, he left to the hospital, with the boxing world not knowing if he would re-turn.

He returned to the ring in Macau, China against a brawler in Brandon Rios, who he easily outpointed.

Bradley has gone on to win two fights against big names in Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manuel Marquez.

That sets the stage for tonight, where fans across the world will be watching and we will be there live for round-by-round analysis.

Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley opens up with Ashanti singing Star-Spangled Banner.

Pacquiao comes in first as the challenger and Bradley second as the champ.

Round 1

He we go!

Bradley comes out early jabbing. Pacquiao returns with jabs of his own. The two are in feeling out process. Good left by Pacquiao. Bradley corks out with good right. Pacquiao starts to put 1-2 combinations together. Bradley swings and misses. Crowd chants “Manny, Manny, Manny.” Bradley trying to keep distance and catches Pacquiao but is returned with Pacman’s punches. Round over.

Round 2

Pacquiao opens with punches that connect. Bradley comes back with a few and then ties up Pacquiao. Referee Kenny Bayless comes in to break them up. Some jabs by Pacquioa, then Bradley gets out of the way. Pacquioao throws left that stuns Bradley that sends him back. Bradley starts fighting back and lands his own. Pacquiao comes in aggressively with more punches and Bradley holds him. Bradley backs up and throws a jab. Pacquiao lays off of him and puts his hands up. Bradley catches him with a right and Pacuqiao returns with a left. End of round 2.
Round 3
Pacquiao ready to go. Pacuqio throws 1-2 that lands and sends Bradley back. Bradley throws right, then Pacquiao corners Bradleys and starts swinging. Bradley then gets Pacquiao against the rope and pushes him away. Pacquiao starts putting punches together and stuns Bradley. Bradley covering up, not returning punches. Bradley then throws a right and left at the end of the round.
Round 7

Bradley comes out and rushes Pacquiao with a one, two and he starts going forward. Pacquiao returns fire and Bradley backs up and keeps throwing combinations. Bradley throws a right that connects and Pacquiao backs up, but then pushes forward with two combinations that has Bradley covering up. Bradley throws an overhand right that is blocked and he continuers to throw combinations that has Bradley covered up. Bradley against the ropes and Bradley trying to end the fight with one punch. Bradley comes forward and ends staring Pacquiao down!
Round 8

The two start the round cautiously, with Bradley using his jab to keep Pacquiao at bay. Pacquiao doesn’t rush forward and Bradley starts to use his jab again. Pacquiao shoots forward with punches and Pacquiao throws combinations that pushes Bradley back. Good jab by Pacquiao that rocks Bradley’s head. Bradley gets cornered and ties Pacquiao up. Referee backs them up. 10 seconds left, Bradley and Pacquiao exchange jabs.
Round 9

Pacquiao comes forward and backs Bradley up. Bradley throws a right to the head that connects. Pacman pushes forward against “Desert Storm.” Pacquiao throws a huge left that wobbles Bradley and Bradley covers up. Bradley against the ropes and is tired. Bradley throws and the two start brawling! Fans up in their seats going crazy! 30 seconds left, Bradley throws a jab and Pacquiao throws a left, followed by a Bradley right.
Round 10

The two immediately tie up in the middle of the ring. Bayless pulls them apart, then they tie up again. Referee comes in to break them up. Slower pace, with Bradley sitting waiting to land right. Less than a minute, Pacquiao picks it up and connects with Bradley covering up. Bradley recovers and swings wild right hand, looking to land just one.
Round 11 

Pacquiao waits at the middle of the ring and rushes forward. Bradley throws a jab and backs Pacquiao up. Pacman pushes forward again, trying to make a statement and Bradley covers up. Bradley backs up trying to recover. Pacquiao cautiously comes forward and finally catches Bradley with a left. Bradley still backing up and boos by the crowd. More boos as Bradley backs up. Bradley throws a one two combination that is blocked. Bradley still backing up, then throws combination as Pacquiao still comes forward.
Round 12
Pacquiao comes out aggressively and Bradley backs up. Bradley baks up, then finally pushes forward. The two exchange with Bradley against the ropes. Bradley still hoping to land big right. Bradley pushes forward, with Pacquiao still lading punches. Pacquiao coming forward with a  combination and Bradley throws wildly with Pacquiao returning punches. Last minute! They tie up and separate. Bradley throwing huge lefts and rights trying to knock Pacquiao out. Pacquiao backs up, and Pacquiao rushes forward. Break in action. Bradey tries to knock out Pacquiao but round over!

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