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If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t — okay, you get it already. Time after time, I’ve picked against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and every time I went against him, I’ve been wrong. He’s hasn’t gone 45-0 for nothing.

Argentina’s Marcos Maidana is coming in as a huge underdog, with many not giving “El Chino” a chance. Are critics wrong and will Mayweather finally take a loss?

Before we answer that question, let’s see if Maidana has any chance of beating “Money” Mayweather.

1. Maidana throws hard. 31 of his 35 wins have come by way of knockout. He made Victor Ortiz quit during his fight, battered Adrien Broner, and knocked Amir Khan down as well. You can be sure he has the power to drop May-weather.
2. He’s never been stopped. With his record of 35-3, all of his losses have been by decision. Mayweather won’t be the first to take him out.
3. Heart of lion. Maidana only knows one thing — to come forward. He doesn’t go to the left or right, but straight in. He won’t be intimidated like some of Mayweather’s previous opponents.

Even though Maidana can win, it doesn’t mean he will.

1. Mayweather is the best defensive boxer of all-time. Not just of this era, but ever. That has helped with his longevity in the sport; he doesn’t take unnecessary punishment.
2. He’s one of the smartest boxers to get in the ring. If he starts getting tagged ear-ly on, he’ll adjust so he won’t take more damage.
3. He’s never lost. As he said, “There is no blueprint to beating me.”

As much as we like to see an underdog win, I don’t see it happening this time around. I was trying to find a way to go with the upset, but can’t. Mayweather is quicker, smarter, faster and he’ll be hard to hit. Mayweather by decision.

In the co-main event between welterweights Amir Khan and Luis Collazo, I think this fight could possibly steal the show and should be action packed. In this fight, I will go with the underdog in this one. I think Collazo is a crafty veteran and will come in calm and fight smart. Collazo by KO.

Adrien Broner and Carlos Molina — what can I say, Molina was polite and re-spectful, while Broner came in loud and pompous, which was expected. Both men are coming off of losses, Broner being hurt badly against Maidana, while Molina was knocked out by Khan. I think Broner, despite the antics, took this fight seri-ously. Broner by TKO.

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