Ginger Clam’s fave little minx, Miley ‘loopy as a rollercoaster’ Cyrus, has been up to more dodgy shenanigans.

Now that Schwarzenegger Junior seems to have terminated their romance, Cyrus is back to doing what she does best – posting provocative naked snaps on Instagram.

Cyrus hit new levels of controversy last night with new shots in which she posed with band aids covering up her nip nips:

Miley Cyrus2

Maybe she just cut the nip nips shaving?

A second image of her smoking in the bath was similarly trouser-stirringly potent:

Miley Cyrus3

We are loving Miley’s hairy armpits, we presume she has kept things consistent and is sporting a bushy Ginger Clam as well.

According to reports, Miley and Schwarzenegger have been having problems since naughty Patrick was seen getting up close and personal to a bikini-rockin’ babe during Spring Break.

Don’t worry Miley, when he sees these pictures he’ll realise you are actually marriage material.

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