Like our readers, it seems that Miley has gotten used to a daily dose of Clam. Having been spotted enjoying a tongue sandwich with model Stella Maxwell in a parking lot last week, the pop star now appears to be in the midst of a fully fledged relationship.

Cyrus hadn’t been spotted since her original steamy late night clamathon was caught on camera. However, on Saturday, the star was snapped hand in hand with her lady on a romantic lunch date at Nobu Malibu. Ginger Clam is already shopping for a wedding hat.

Miley hasn’t had much luck maintaining relationships with men so let’s hope that a step into clam land will produce an entirely different result. She deserves it.

Victoria’s Secret model Maxwell shared a picture of her new ‘friend’ online.

She posted the shot and wrote: ‘Chillen W my lady @mileycyrus

Neither of the two clammy gals has made a public statement on their romance, but it seems that things are getting serious. In a recent interview with V Magazine, Stella said that she had a ‘significant other’ who she ‘loves sometimes’.

Sometimes? Probably when there is nothing to watch on telly or they are bored playing XBox.

We wonder if Daddy Cyrus Billy Ray will have an achy breaky heart upon hearing the latest developments? Ginger Clam salutes this clamtastic romance and will keep you updated with all the new steamy action.

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