Sam Smith has revealed that although he may be lonely these days he’s looking forward to letting his next boyfriend polish his Grammys!

Here at Ginger Clam HQ we love nothing more than having our prized possessions polished, so we kinda know where he’s coming from.

The 22-year-old singer, who walked away with four of the awards recently, told chat host Ellen DeGeneres: “I’ve just got to make sure my next boyfriend can polish my Grammys for me!”

Smith also opened up about recently splitting up with backing dancer Jonathan Zeizel. He said: “I was recently [seeing someone] but I split up with them about three weeks ago. I couldn’t bring out ‘In The Lonely Hour’ and go to the Grammys with someone, I had to be lonely for the Grammys!”

Apparently carrying around all those awards is no easy task.

He told Ellen: “It’s ridiculous. They’re so heavy as well. It’s unreal. I genuinely didn’t think this was going to happen. It’s incredible. I keep spontaneously crying.”

We know the feeling Sammy, we know the feeling …

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