It really goes to show people will believe anything they read!

Kylie Jenner and former lover Tyga were struck by rumours last week that footage of the pair bumping ugly’s was due to leak imminently.

UK based prankster Ty Bacey (pictured above), 25 , from Birmingham claimed via his Twitter page that he obtained the racy tape only to later reveal he was bullshitting everyone.

Before his confession the dude was inundated with an insane amount of messages asking for the content, which shows how desperate everyone was to see Kylie’s snatch.

The joker admitted to the TheLADBible: “(A) magazine called me from New York thinking I had it but I just spent hours on the phone trolling them instead.

“I literally have no video or images of anything. It was merely a social experiment and in the end I had huge media companies in the palm of my hand.

“They were so happy with themselves and thought they had me right where they wanted me when in reality, I had them.

“The power of the Internet is under-estimated ridiculously. I had to turn my DM’s off on Twitter as it was literally like a new message every second.”

After sending the world into hysteria for a few days, we’re back to square one… Will Kylie follow in her sister’s footsteps and debut on the big screen?

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