A hilarious road rage video has made an unlikely star of a beefy Brit who challenged a biker to a fist-fight.

Ronald ‘One Punch’ Pickering, a motorist from the north of England, was filmed engaging in an explosive rant at motorcyclist Steve Middleton.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Middleton pushed One Punch’s buttons by taking too long to make a right turn. Yup you heard that correctly – and now a video of the incident has gone viral.

Here’s part of the hilarious exchange between the two – but please watch the video below from 43 seconds onwards for the whole showdown.

Pickering: “Do you know who I am?”

Middleton: “Do I care? … Come on, who are you then?”

Pickering: “Ronnie Pickering,”

Middleton: “Who?”

Pickering: “Ronnie Pickering!!” (He screams uncontrollably.)

Middleton: “….Well who the fuck’s that?!”

Ronnie is so angry that he challenges the biker to a bare-knuckle brawl.

Via the Daily Mail we’re led to believe Pickering is an ex-boxer hence his moniker One Punch Ronnie. He’s certainly become a one hit wonder, with internet going into meltdown following his antics – with an incredible mash-up being made on HelloU.

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