Ginger Clam is pleased to reveal good advice for any potential Madonna employees – don’t bang the boss’s man or you could get the axe.

When Madge employed Nicole Winhoffer to be her personal trainer, the remit clearly did not include training the star’s boyfriend’s ding dong.

However, according to Page Six and a number of other websites, Madonna believes her trainer didn’t listen and some illicit shagging occurred.

Madonna is naturally shy so only revealed this embarrassing personal allegation to 20,000 shocked fans in the middle of a concert.

The big-nippled singer was on stage in the Philipines last night when she made the pronouncement.

‘She f—ed my boyfriend, so I fired her,’ she said in front of the confused crowd.

Ginger Clam thinks a promotion should have been in line.

Winhoffer was in charge of ‘creative direction’ at Hard Candy Fitness, the selection of gyms that Madonna launched across the globe.

Madonna clearly didn’t like the creative direction that she believed her boyfriend’s weener was heading in.

The rumpty allegedly occurred in 2014 but Madonna decided to just share her story now. How nice of her. As far as we know there’s been no official reaction from the trainer or Madonna’s squeeze.

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