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John Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars, was published in January 2012 and its heartbreaking romance spoke to tweens. A trailer was just released for the movie version, due in June, and brought floods of tears and tweets from Green’s young fan base.

The premise of both the novel and the movie revolves around young love between a cancer patient and an amputee who meet in a support group.

The heartbreaking storyline put The Fault in Our Stars on the LA Times bestseller list for 68 weeks and quotes from the book can be found all over social media, from Pinterest to Tumblr, proving its popularity with the intended young adult demographic.

The trailer release gave viewers a small taste of the intense emotions seen in the film. Once the two and a half minute clip hit the Internet, we can only guess how many tweens started crying immediately and then rushed to tweet about it.

Here are a few.

Yup. No big deal. Get your tissues ready, the movie hits theaters June 6.

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