When it comes to kindness, no one can beat a lovely sweet grandmother. They usually don’t have a bad bone in their body, so there would be absolutely no reason to do prank them, would there?

Well, at the risk of giving his granny a nasty shock, Roman Attwood thought it would be funny to stich her up.

He first takes the poor old lady on a joy ride in his car, drifting and speeding around before he stops in a parking lot. In order to get her in a driver’s seat he says that he wants to take a picture of her.

As she settles in her seat for a pose, a police car rocks up behind and two officers step out. They ask both of them to get out before one of the officers informs her that the car is stolen and she’s going to be arrested.

He then reads out her rights before allowing her to turn around where her grandson is standing with a cake. Her response? “Scared the shit out of me!”

Watch the prank below. Meanwhile, go to FilmOn.com for hundreds of online TV channels that are free to watch on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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