If you ever thought TV host Conan O’Brien was a dick-head you might be right!

The hilarious comedian met up with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen (who are promoting their new movie Neighbors 2) to play a not-so-innocent game of Mario Kart 8.

For some bizarre reason the trio made a college infused rule – if you lost a game you got a dick drawn on your face.

Rogen said: “I might have to trace Zac’s”, to which Conan replied, “So that means Zac’s penis would be up against my face … for the third time this week.”

The dudes were on set of the new flick which involves wild college parties, so the crazy Conan brought along a few props to liven the mood.

He said: “I brought a keg here, I am wheat free right now so it’s just a green tea Kombucha.

“I wanted to toke up like you two badass’. I know this guy (pointing to Seth) is high pretty much 24/7 so I brought a vape pen. This has essential omega oils in it, this is lowering my cholesterol.”

The joker pretty much lost every round so by the end of the session his face was covered in an array of weeners, thankfully Efron didn’t whack out his weapon for Rogen to trace!

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